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6/12/2023 2:00 PM


Solutions to unleash the potential of decentralised sustainable energy production

Event Information

A Side-Event in Cooperation with Connective Cities

German cities are developing local solutions for decentralised energy supply, networking internationally and promoting sustainable energy concepts both locally and globally. Cities must therefore be included in international climate negotiations in order to develop the possibilities of decentralised energy generation and overcome the hurdles of decentralised energy partnerships. The German model of decentralised municipal energy supply and generation is of international importance for the development of sustainable solutions for the energy transition.

The Association of German Cities is organising this panel as part of its Connective Cities cooperation project and is bringing together German and African representatives from the municipal level to discuss the following questions:

How is municipal heat planning and sustainable energy supply implemented locally by municipalities? 

How can cities contribute to a sustainable energy supply? What are the challenges of decentralised energy generation at municipal level?

How do cities network internationally to disseminate good approaches?