Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) - Pathways towards the achievement of the Paris Agreement goals and sustainable development

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Germany has committed itself to the Paris Agreement and has set itself the goal of becoming greenhouse gas neutral by 2045. In addition to emission reductions, this also requires processes to generate CO2 negative emissions (carbon dioxide removal, CDR). In two research programs funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), "CDRmare" and "CDRterra", more than 300 experts are comprehensively evaluating the ecological, technical, economic, political, legal and social feasibility of various ocean- and land-based processes for CO2 removal. At the World Climate Conference (COP27), the two research programs will be presented and a panel discussion including international experts will look at policy implementation, potentials and scalability issues of CDR. More about our research programs: CDRterra: CDRmare: