Bianca Derya Neumann

Chair of Resource Management Youth Member Group
Bianca Derya Neumann


Bianca Derya Neumann leads the Resource Management Young Member Group within UNECE's Expert Group on Resource Management. Hailing from Sauerland, Germany, a former mining area, she developed an early interest in resource management. During her studies in economics and political science, she became passionate about global climate justice and the crucial role of critical minerals for the green energy transition.

RMYMG consists of a group of young volunteers engaging with the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Management. Recognizing the growing influence of the youth in the energy and resources sector, RMYMG serves as a key stakeholder, aiming to assist in the dissemination and implementation of UNFC and UNRMS principles. Established as an educational platform, RMYMG focuses on enlightening young professionals and students about sustainable resource management. The group guides them in applying the United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC) and the United Nations Resource Management System (UNRMS) principles to develop energy and mineral resources in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals and providing in a platform for capacity building and intergenerational resource governance.

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Bianca Derya Neumann

Achieving Article 2.1(c): Transforming the Financial System for a Low-Emission and Resilient Real Economy

4/12/23 6:30 pm