Ayshka Najib

Climate justice activist
Fridays for Future MAPA
Ayshka Najib


Ayshka Najib (she/her) is a climate justice activist and organizer based in the UAE. Her work focuses on ensuring the leadership and meaningful participation of those at the frontlines of the crisis and this is reflected in her advocacy with Fridays For Future MAPA (Most Affected People and Areas).

Ayshka is one of the UNICEF Youth Advocates to the UAE, supporting the Gulf Area Office with her expertise on climate change. In such a role, she ensures the capacities of young people who are engaged in climate change are strengthened, enhancing coordination and facilitating their seat at the table.

Ayshka believes that the climate crisis does not exist in a vacuum, rather that it overlaps with other socio-economic issues such as gender inequality. As Youth Lead for the Action Coalition on Feminist Action for Climate Justice (FACJ), she works with UN Women and the Generation Equality Campaign to push for recognizing the intersectionality of gender equality and climate justice in decision making spaces as well as at the grass roots level.

In addition, she works with the Women and Gender Constituency of the UNFCCC and is currently supporting the coordination of the MENA Feminist Task Force focusing on bringing out concrete feminist demands from the region to tackle the most critical issues.

Events with

Ayshka Najib

From theory to action: the climate crisis from a Feminist Foreign Policy angle

1/12/23 6:30 pm