Dr. Chinnan Dikwal

Vice Chair Board of Directors
African Energy Council
Dr. Chinnan  Dikwal


A global leader in the hydrogen energy domain, Dr. Chinnan Dikwal boasts a 17-year trajectory in consulting, research, project development, and financing. As Vice Chairman of the African Energy Council, he spearheads Africa's energy transition, advocating for hydrogen and sustainable development.


Dr. Dikwal earned his PhD in Hydrogen Technology from the University of Birmingham in 2008, collaborating with institutions like Rolls Royce Fuel Cells Systems. His extensive contributions span the globe, offering expertise in hydrogen production, transportation, and applications in fuel cells, power systems, and feedstock. A sought-after speaker at major events, including the World Hydrogen Congress and Global Hydrogen Summit, Dr. Dikwal's writings contribute to global hydrogen discussions through policy and whitepapers.

Events with

Dr. Chinnan Dikwal

Fertilising the Future: Using Green Hydrogen Value Chains to Address the Climate-Food-Security Nexus

8/12/23 12:30 pm