Markus Hicken

Director for Energy Diplomacy/ Climate & Security
German Federal Foreign Office (AA)
Markus Hicken


Mr Hicken, born in Hamburg, Germany in 1967, brings a wealth of international affairs, diplomacy, and energy policy expertise to this panel.

After commencing professional endeavors with Hamburgische Landesbank (1985-1988), he pursued a Master of International Affairs at Columbia University (1994) and worked from 1995-1997 as Economic Adviser at the Central Bank of Eritrea. Since 1998, Mr Hicken has been at the Federal Foreign office, with diplomatic roles for example at the German Embassy in Beijing and Oslo, including several responsibilities in energy policy. Notably, he has served as Deputy Head of Mission in Oslo and Head of Division for External Energy Policy and Decarbonization at AA in Berlin and now holds the position of Director for Energy Diplomacy, Climate, and Security at the Federal Foreign Office.

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Markus Hicken

Fertilising the Future: Using Green Hydrogen Value Chains to Address the Climate-Food-Security Nexus

8/12/23 12:30 pm